Our Role, Our Mission

Neuland provides a full range of business administrative tasks to companies in Hong Kong which want to concentrate on their core activities, such as for example sales, marketing, design, or service. Neuland goes beyond offering isolated specialist tasks, for example only accounting or only recruitment or only shipping.

Neuland offers the full range of administrative support activities that a company needs. Instead of just executing orders, Neuland's resources actively manage each task self-driven as if they would be a fully integrated part of the clients' organizations. Business Administration Management is delivered in professional and reliable manner by delivering a value to customers that is higher than customers would do it by themselves.

In their role as experienced business administration management practitioners Neuland's professionals also provide consulting, such as start-up, crisis-management, cost-efficiency restructuring, merger/acquisition integration management, etc.

Neuland is dedicated to provide outstanding business administrative solutions that enable clients to concentrate on their core activities.