Daniel Gruszynski, DBA
Managing Director & Principal Consultant

Business Administration Management
Merger Integration Consultant
Interim Senior Executive

Over 10 Years Neuland Business Administration for SME in Hong Kong!

When over 10 years ago foreign business friends starting SMEs in Hong Kong told me that they look for a flexible and very dedicated but less costly and less bureaucratic company that offers to them individually tailor-made business administrative support services, and that they have difficulty to find such, I decided to form Neuland Business Solutions to offer exactly what they ask for.

Our goal is to offer value to our clients by taking away workload for administrative tasks and giving them more time to concentrate on what they are really good at, namely sales or service or sourcing or designing. Our concept is simple: Clients focus on their business, we focus on administration. That makes sense. We have a number of long-term clients and the number is increasing.

With the rapid pace of economic development in Asia, SMEs want to be more focused than ever on developing business rather than occupied with formal and administrative tasks. We are committed to supporting such intentions. All our business administration services follow highest standard requirements. This coupled with our unique combination of high flexibility, professionalism, and practical experience ensures that all services deliver value to our customers.

I look forward to welcoming you to experience our unique way of administration management and consulting.

Dr. Daniel Gruszynski is native German, has lived and worked in Hong Kong since 1996, and has worked for multinational companies in senior management positions, such as Group General Manager Strategy Controlling, Executive Vice President Business Administration, Group CFO Asia, Board Director, SBU Director Internal Audits. He gained management experience in manufacturing, service and design sectors of various industries, among them telecommunications, electronic parts, computer chips, fire security systems, traffic control systems, jewelry, watches, and advanced machines. His key expertise lies in developing effective cost management programs and implementing them, in effectively integrating people and structures in mergers, and in coaching managers to become effective leaders.

Besides sharing his management experiences and consulting companies in Asia, Daniel is also heading an efficient and effective administration team to which companies outsource their business administration tasks in order to keep costs down. Occasionally, Daniel is hired as Interim-VP or CFO during start-up or crisis.

Daniel was awarded an MBA from the University of Western Sydney and a DBA from the University of Newcastle. As an associate faculty member of various reputable universities, Daniel is lecturing international human resource and strategic management related topics.