Brand Identity

New Image, New Challenge

Our brand identity have been rebranded since the beginning of 2012 for the reason of celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Neuland in order to convey a brand new corporate image which looks simple and modern, but also professional to our existing and potential clients. Besides, we are pleased to inform the world that we are ready to deal with any upcoming challenge in the future.

The Logo Concept

This new logomark is formed by the outline of two 3D boxes to construct a hexagon icon, in which it could be seen a alphabet letter 'N', the initial of Neuland. These boxes are modified from the stationery of our business that we handle very often. It could be recognized as the company incorporation kit set, which is familiar known as company green box in Hong Kong. Moreover, the hexagon is one of the geometric shape that occurs in nature. It is found in the formation of honeycomb, which associate with bees and their co-operative, hard-working nature.

These expressive implications perfectly delivery how our image connect to the industry which we are in.